I am so proud of my work,

that I love to share the given feedback.


Not only to show you,

that it‘s worth to work with me,

but also as a reminder for myself :)


The first one isn't technically a testimonial, but THIS praise is so dear to my heart (I always get teary when I read this), that I have to share it:


Girl, you have this *high five* - you are on your way.

I am so proud of you, and always look forward to your videos and knowledge.

I learn so much from you. Know that your message is being heard and I am in your corner rooting on you. Keep up the great work you are doing, keep spreading your light,

it's impacting the world :*



I knew I felt an immediate connection with you after reading two of your posts that basically summes up my life at the moment. You are amazing.


After watching my video reading, I felt like I‘d known you for years, not days!


You are a beautiful soul, Daniela.


There is some very deep magic in you, that I felt from the very moment you started. Incredible!!

I‘m so proud of you!!! That‘s incredible <3<3<3 GO YOU


You‘re an inspiration to me.


I am so thankful for your reading.


Thank you so much for your work.


Thank you so much.


I am impressed!


Very spot on :*


Love it.

You are so right!


Thank you so so much! It helps me a lot on my journey!


Thank you so much :*


Beautiful spread! I laughed and cried...a lot of emotions.

I am still a little bit „shocked“, but it strengthens my desires, my intuition.

You have given me courage.


Thank you Daniela. Thank you for your help <3



Please note:

I will never share any of my clients names or use of such abbreviations. The privacy of all my clients are my first one goal. They trust me and I trust them.


So please respect my decision, that I just quote their statement.


Much love!