03. November 2017
To dare sometimes to jump over the edges of your shadow is so much more worth than it's to be caught in words. When I asked Toni whether he accept to do my first interview ever with him, I needed to dare hours to send off my email. I had so much fear that it could turn out bad... But after he agreed and I see now the result before me, I couldn't be more happier!!! Read a unique interview with a very gifted artist and libertine.
06. Oktober 2017
As I called some spiritual tarot reader souls, I had the pleasure to publish and to read some really interesting articles. Today Krystal offers us insights in her expierence with the Dark Goddess and the Death Card, and I have to admit; I love this post! Please enjoy this as I did and tell us in the comments about your reflections of the topic.
15. September 2017
As you can see in the picture aside, i LOVE to work with multiple decks. Even more, to combine multiple decks. What an eye-candy :) I love that. But..., it is not the optimal way to get truly in touch with your magick.
01. September 2017
When you discover that you have a spiritual path in some way, you are lucky to have some tools with you; like tarot or Aura-Soma. In this post Leisa talks about her experience with the little bottles and the support they give. Enjoy!
26. August 2017
The last couple of articles I wrote about the importance of a regular spiritual practice. A key piece is an altar. A place where you can turn inward and get quite. Some of the items you‘ll need I will explain here.
20. August 2017
"What I see outside is within me. The way that I present myself to the world will be the way in which I am received. What I give, I get. I recognize myself and become strong." **
17. August 2017
In my last blog post I wrote about the way of living spiritual. This spiritual lifestyle is wonderfully combinable with a morning routine. And a morning routine is the magical ingredient to live life to it's fullest.
11. August 2017
You love to live a life being spiritual and modern at the same time. You want to be not to overwhelm with all the spiritual hacks you read, see and may be want. Some day, trust me, you accomplish more than you can think off, but to start is important and may be should follow a little guide line. I have five tips, how you can be spiritual as fast as you decide to be.
04. August 2017
Are you following a Goddess centered spirituality? Ever having problems finding a matron or a deeper connecting to the Divine Feminine in general? I’ve been down that road myself when I was a baby witch 5 years ago and went a maybe unusual way to find that connection, that goddess spark. I created a goddess.
21. Juli 2017
What does it mean to be a lightworker? Well…, to be honest, I don‘t know. I just know, that I am not a lightworker. My strength lies within the dark.

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