Work with one (and my free course)

As you can see in the picture aside, i LOVE to work with multiple decks.

Even more,

to combine multiple decks.


What an eye-candy :)

I love that.


But..., it is not the optimal way to get truly in touch with your magick.





Yes, girl.



Tarot is a language of it's own. It is a language of magick and deeper knowledge. It is a tool to self-reflection, and yes, even for divination.

We all love the tarot for connecting deeper with ourself and the cosmos.

That is the reason why we use it, right?


But to go along with the example of language, when you learn a language, you learn one at once, and not two or three at once.

So why we do this with a pack of cards?


Just because there are cards?


It is hard to work with just one deck for a certain amount of time, to get to know them really good. To resist the obligation to buy new decks is getting so hard in times of the perfect Instagram photo. I know that.


But you never experience a true connection with a deck, if you don't allow yourself some quality time with the deck.


May be you think the tarot should have all the answers.

When you ask the deck, it should be able to show you what's hidden.

But how, when you don't connect with it properly?

Do you visit a stranger to ask for a personal advice?

Do you? I guess no...


May be you think you miss something in a deck and you need just this one deck to find the final piece.

In fact, all the magick is already inside you.

You just have to read the whole book, or to learn the language really well.

You know, that all the answers lie inside you. You just need a mirror.

Tarot is that mirror, you need to learn.


I personally know, that it is not only a time for learning each other very well and to get in touch with you. I know that it is also a relief not to buy all the decks.

To be a card-slinger, collector and professional reader is sometimes an excuse for me to buy multiple decks to "have excess to all possibilities".


It can be. When you know the cards well.


Mrs. Pixie and her own deck
Mrs. Pixie and her own deck


I worked with the Pixie Deck for years.

Even it was the latest deck on earth I wanted to learn.

Everybody has the deck. I wanted to be different desperately.

But so many decks based on this deck. And so it's smart to learn the mother language of all decks.


Of course you can choose what ever deck you want.

If it's a so called Rider Waite Clone - perfect.

If not - also perfect.


When YOU feel drawn to a specific deck, and you allow yourself to stick with it for a while, this deck has something to tell ya.

Take this for sure.


I will reveal a new series next week in which I teach you the basic language of the Pixie Deck (or the Rider Waite Smith Tarot).

This knowledge will allow you to get in touch with the mother of all decks, to get to know the tarot and to reveal the magick within you.

It will allow you, to read the tarot properly and to do some readings with it.


For professional readers this course has some interesting facts to add and of course, we are always students and therefore it's interesting to re-learn the basics.


Feel free to join the free Pixie Course.

Feel free to share.

And visit my blog for an every week reveal for a card.


And if you like, tell me in the comments, which deck was your first tarot deck and how do you learned the tarot?

Much love

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