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Good morning!
Good morning!


I am a night owl.
I rather work till late in the night, than to wake up five minutes earlier.
I would get up as late as possible, skip breakfast (a habit I sadly still fall into disrepair), rush to work , and then feel like I was trying to catch up the rest of the day.
But this lifestyle takes tribute on your physical AND on your mental well-being. It also impact the majority of your productivity and your vibe during the day.
And so one of my goals was to get a morning routine started.
Because I want to be a high vibe mom AND a high vibe tarot reader and spiritual counselor (I want a high vibe business next year!!!).
But this lifestyle I was used to does not fit into a mompreneurs lifestyle.
I need to set up myself in order to not get overwhelmed.

I am a single mom. I have two kids and a complete household to manage by myself. As I said, I want to be successful. I have a vision and a mission and behind the scenes I work hard to get things finished and done.

Of course I still struggle at some days. Jesus – I am a human being! Above all when nights are short (still need to fed a baby boy).
But I found my routine.
I have a structure, which I happily follow.
Even when I don‘t wake up earlier than my kids.

Meanwhile I like to be productive in the morning and getting things done, so that I have free time in the afternoon for creating sacred time with my kids and in the evening time for self-developing and growth.
To create a morning routine is crucial for changing old habits and implementing good habits, and above all its necessary for lifetime success. A morning routine sets the tone for the day, and if you start each day on the right foot, you‘ll do life right!


Essentials: Miracle Morning Journal and my trusty tarot cards
Essentials: Miracle Morning Journal and my trusty tarot cards


And so I knew I have to work smarter, not harder.

What to do? Create a morning routine.
And so I stumbled across the book of Hal Elrod The Miracle Morning.
It was life changing.

I discovered that when I have a personal ritual for myself, I can scip any morning procrastination.
Did you know, that you have only a certain amount of energy and willpower when you wake up?
To take care of hundreds of mini decisions, you slowly get drained. And even more, if they mean nothing for the situation your actually right in. That means, you avoid mental fatigue!
And isn't that great?

I was so many times overwhelmed by decisions, that I wasn't able to work my day productive and so I was used to get things done „the next day“. Or the day after…. Or… you know the game, right?

To start the day the right way reduces anxiety and stress. It balances you out and gives you the base of feeling in control. You can sort your mind and be non-reactive instead of being reactive and get angry, worried or anxious. You are demonstrably more productive. And yes, that means having success and more time for your family!

I created a summary of the life changing method of Hal Elrod (no, I‘m not getting paid for this…).
Feel free to download this little PDF.
I apologize for any misspellings you may be find in the text.
It was late.
Very late ;)

Miracle Morning
A free PDF on how to transform your life by the magic of a morning routine.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 7.0 MB

Let me know in the comments, if you like content like this.

May be I create more...


And let me know, when you implement a morning routine.
I love to hear the life changing results!

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