Allowing a New Goddess to find Me | A Guest Post by Lindenherz

Well it was not as simple as it sounded or should I say it felt not easy for me and that had to do with the society I was growing up in. I was born in the north of Germany and wasn’t raised as a religious person, although I was baptized. I had the freedom to explore even though my mother never actively encouraged me. But even if I wasn’t going to church, I still had religious education in school,
celebrated the Christian holidays. All I knew were the basics. It only occurred to me recently how much monotheism spans in societies where these revealed religions are predominant, even if a lot of people I know wouldn’t say they’re religious. Still these monotheistic basics can be found in a lot of them including myself and therefore I felt a bit uneasy at the thought of creating a deity.


Photo by Alex Hindemith - Das Rad (the Wheel) - Labyrinth in the city forest Eilenriede, Hanover, Germany
Photo by Alex Hindemith - Das Rad (the Wheel) - Labyrinth in the city forest Eilenriede, Hanover, Germany


I had searched through the pantheons, researched goddesses, but although some were fascinating, I didn’t felt a particular call. I read books and researched on the internet in order to find something like a “How to”, a manual to know the exact steps to reach my goal in order to finally connect with my
matron deity. What I hadn’t understood about Goddess Spirituality and more in general Paganism was that it wasn’t so much about learning from books, but about the experience. And this is where creating a goddess presented a way to me to be finally able to get a glimpse of that divine spark within myself.To be honest this thought of giving the Divine Feminine a face of my very own making wasn’t a thing I came up first. I came across that idea through a video by my very first teacher Ahneke (Anni) Greystone who made it a couple of years ago titled “Where are the New Gods” where she answered a viewer’s question of that nature. She talked about the ancient goddesses and gods that were born at a certain time out of a certain need to satisfy what that community or the individual needed. Another quote from that video that stuck with me was:

“The wholeness of creation is ever expanding, ever growing, presenting itself in new ways, unfolding itself. So in the process of that I do see new gods coming into existence.”

I was electrified after that video and for days I went with these thoughts in the back of my mind, but I wasn’t sitting down with a pen and a piece of paper to start characterizing my personal goddess, although you can do it that way too and from my very rough knowing chaos magicians know this concept from creating avatars or servitors in their magical workings. In the end it is all about
archetypes and manifesting thought form, about ‘making believe’.

In my case Anni’s video removed a block and replaced it with self permission. It opened myself up to possibilities finding that specific divine feminine energy that was the perfect match. Well, I hadn’t had to wait long until that energy made herself known to me. Since childhood I had strong feelings for trees. I guess a lot of us who follow an eclectic earth-based spiritual path can relate to such feelings. But one tree in particular “spoke” to me the most: the linden
tree. The heart-shaped leaves, the sublime scent of the blossoms around Midsummer and the golden colors of the foliage in Autumn accompanied my childhood. Around the flat I grew up in a lot of linden trees were growing and the scent of Summer will always be connected to that tree. The tender
loving energy this tree always radiated for me guided me through the particular tough time when I became a motherless daughter and helped me connecting to what was seemingly lost to me: Home. It was still inside, brought forth by the ways of this heart adorned green mother. And it was she who gifted me with my spiritual name Lindenherz (linden heart) after I walked a grass labytinth with a
large linden tree in its center.


Mother Tilia sculpture by artist Emilie Elijah Bourdet
Mother Tilia sculpture by artist Emilie Elijah Bourdet


She was the Goddess energy I was searching for. All I did was translating what I perceived into a form that suited my needs and it came very easily to me. I know from my researches that the linden tree was connected to the Norse goddess Freya, goddess of love, beauty, luck and fertility. Still I needed my
own connection to her and so the name Lady or Mother Tilia (Tilia is the botanical Latin name for the linden tree family) came into being. She is the loving, embracing and nurturing Green Mother and her symbol is the green heart. With the scent of her yellow golden blossoms she teaches me once a year to feel gratitude for the past, feel the love I received from all those dear to me. But she also reminds me to seize the very moment for it is precious and full of little wonders for all who pay attention. Her medicine is tender and soft, she is healing for the soul that needs some nurturance like her botanical remedy strengthens your body against all kinds of respiratory issues.


So how about you? Ever thought about “New Gods” and what they might be able to do for you? Give them a try. Study archetypes that resonate with you the most. That might be archetypes for life or for a specific phase to strengthen and support you on your path. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to tell you to forget the ancient goddesses and gods. I love to study them and in the last years I started to develop inspiring relationships with some of them. But when you start on a pagan path and feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of divine feminine possibilities, go with your gut feeling. And if you feel more connected to for example Wonder Woman that the ancient Greek goddess Athene, that’s
perfectly ok as well, cause Pop Pantheons are another great way to explore and relate to the Divine, only in a more modern context.

I was blamed once that one cannot just spiritually pick and choose as if you would do on a buffet. I like to answer with a quote by Buddha, where scholars are arguing about whether it’s a fake one or not. Even if it is so, I still like the essence of it.

“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”


Here she is: Sabrina Lindenherz in all her beauty.
Here she is: Sabrina Lindenherz in all her beauty.

The video by Ahneke Greystone that started it all:


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Sabrina Lindenherz is a free flying eclectic witch who follows an earth-based, goddess centered path with a deep love for the Tarot. She loves to weave her magic into everything she does whether it’s drawing, writing, cooking, gardening, pyrography or sculpting. Read more about her on:

Please feel free to visit also her Instagram account and connect with her here.

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    Ellen (Freitag, 04 August 2017 14:49)

    Thank you for highlighting the importance of permission to believe what is in our heart rather than in what we think we ought to believe. Also, thank you for sharing this inspiring personal part of your spiritual journey with us.