"She's mad, but..."

I am not initiated through a nice ritual from nice women who wears all white and have glitter in their hairs.




I know I am a Priestess.

A modern priestess.


I choose that term, because I do what a High Priestess do on her card:


she is diving through time and space into her darkness to reveal her truth.

(I know, the picture besides is Key 8 Strength, but it's appropriate at the end - promised!).


That is shadow work.


Many people expect working in the light as a healer or priestess. But Key Number II The High Priestess is ruled by the moon. And in moon light you can‘t barely see something.



Everything is semidarkness… and sometimes, like in two days, the black moon rises and you can‘t see anything.


What a mess…




You know, and I mean KNOW, that life isn‘t all about the smiling, glitter and unicorn phase, the lightworker industry sells. It‘s too. But previously you have to get your shit together, right?


Some of the lightworkers are suffering behind the smile and they don‘t dare to admit this. Why? Unicorns sell…




Shadow work isn‘t easy. Seeing in darkness isn‘t easy.


To admit the truth isn‘t easy.


„There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but making the darkness conscious.“ ~Carl G. Jung


One thing we have to do over and over again is to constantly build our selves up from the destruction life brings with it.


There is the Kali Ma, who tears your life apoart sometimes, just to allow you to rebuild from what matters and what is your core beliefs.


But you like to say „But I‘m afraid“ „Who needs that?“ - Do you read my post about Death? No? HERE is the post. Read it. It's a good post!


In a nutshell I talk about the necessity to die every now and then, because it is the key to your healing. And it keeps your light shining and gives you strength.


And why you are afraid? You grew nine months in the belly of your mama. There was no light!


Now your mama is the Dark Goddess. Whom I dedicated my life too. Sometimes you need to dive in the dark waters again. It allows you to gove birth to a higher self. To YOUR higher self.



I found this picture on Pinterest. I know there's an artist behind this picture, but I don't know who it is. I'm sorry... It's the beautiful and strong Maria Magdalene.
I found this picture on Pinterest. I know there's an artist behind this picture, but I don't know who it is. I'm sorry... It's the beautiful and strong Maria Magdalene.

I read in a blog post „The truth is that most people hate true light workers because they expose their bullshit.“ Well… I can relate to that.


And you will find several hundreds woman, who expierenced exact this:


refusal, damnation, exclusion.


Why? Because they are the projection of your own darkness. These woman are role-models in our daily lifes. Inchoate with Lilith and Marie Magdalene to Hecate, Sheela Na Gig and Kali Ma. Just to name a few.



Tomorrow is July 22. The feast of Maria Magdalene. She was named a whore to life an authentic life and to be raw and honest about her truth. Its time to wake up. Night is over. We as woman are renewed and full of inner strength and fire.



„She‘s mad, but she‘s magic. There‘s no lie in her fire.“

~Charles Bukowski



Its time to soothing the beast of MENkind and to arise a new area of a balanced gender energy. Inside and out.





If you need help to find your way of healing, book a reading session with me in my shop.

I am here to show YOU, how to heal wounds of frustration, refusal and to much stress of the "perfect" life.

Blessings, my soul friend.

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