Why Death isn't about dying

To anticipate one thing:
Death has nothing to do with dying. 
Even more it's a card of transformation. It's about letting go. It's about allowing this process to enter your life. And, nevertheless, this is the card everybody is frightened as soon as it appears in reading. Meanwhile the only real death card is the Ten of swords. True?!
But to see key 13 reflects a lot of great fears a human being has I his life: it confronts us with the urgency to change our life asap. If someone comes to that point in life where a/he is willing to let go, statements as "Fuck it." "I'm not willing to accept this anymore." or "Its so hard to stay my ground, that it's easier to discuss this decision with......"
Otherwise death enters your life without permission. It's one of the advantages.
By death we became conscious about the preciousness of our life. We realize, how blessed we actually are and what we value. We realize, how we waste our time with things we do to be the 'cool kid'. And we realize, who we really are behind all the masks and persona's we create.
A butterfly becomes a butterfly when he leaves his caterpillar. To do this, he needs his time and has its own rhythm and cycle. If the cocoon opens and the butterfly comes to, he fells one short moment headlong in his death. He hangs literally in the air and needs to fly without trying it one time before. This turning point is one of the powerful turning points ever! But at the same time, we recognize, that this moment of transformation is the most difficult one. It is a type of transitional metamorphosis which destroys the old to build up something new.
It's not easy to let go something. To allow the metamorphosis to happen.
By all means, no. It's a rebirth out of old conditions. To let old conditions and patterns go and to change your behavior, well it seems impossible (in some situations). We rarely can influence death and his scythe. We think, that we aren't ready to leave our caterpillar and that we still need time to grow. But the growth happens during the transformation. We have to acknowledge that! In the most cosmic perfect moment of time, our cocoon cracks open and we leave this prison in all our beauty.  
Key number 13 of the Elemental Tarot having lines of poem of each line. It's from the Thunder perfect mind. It's a poem from The Nag Hammadi Library and it tells a story channeled from the Greek Goddess Sophia. I will do a blog post about the deck and the quote sooner or later!
It says:
I am the one whom they called life, and the one whom you call death.
It indicates from which point of view death is seen. 
For one it indicates a life full of new beauty and possibilities. But for the person who goes through this process, who gets rid of the outgrown skin, it's just a very painful and stressful process. Allow yourself the needed time to digest this process in all of his beauty. Realize that life and death are intertwined and that both takes in cycles. There is no beginning and no end. It's just one big moment. A moment of great spiritual transformation, because you realize that death isn't about dying. 
Here you find a wonderful spread I create in times of great need. 
When you realize that you can't recognize, what to let go off and what's the higher good of all the shit... you know, what I'm talking about ;)
💀 The Death Spread 💀
by mytarot3
Place Key Number 13 in the middle and ask the following questions while shuffle the cards:
  1. What need I to let go off?
  2. Why I'm afraid of letting this go?
  3. How this can be a transition smoothly as possible?
  4. What's the higher purpose? What can grow now?
If you give this spread a try, let me know. Tag me if you like.




The supported deck is the Fountain Tarot by Jonathan Saiz, Jason Grubl, and Andi Todaro and also the Elemental Tarot by Caroline Smith and John Astrop.




Disclaimer: this spread is for personal use only and never never replace any medication or something similar!

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    Ellen (Freitag, 07 Juli 2017 19:30)

    The message of Sophia is wise indeed but we wouldn't expect otherwise from her :)
    Thank you for sharing the Death spread