How to read round tarot cards

I found this great picture on Pinterest - I am not the creator of this stunning photo..
I found this great picture on Pinterest - I am not the creator of this stunning photo..

I quite reading reversals November/December 2015.


Because they didn't fulfill my desire to read the "real" tarot. Don't get me wrong: if you read reversals, awesome! But at some point of my tarot experience I was very unsatisfied with the – let‘s say – result of the reading. Something was not quite well. Somehow I was frustrated.

Reversals are the cards upside down. Mostly seen as the exact opposite, or a challenge or the blocked energy of the card.

The purpose of a tarot reading is to become more aware of the energy patterns in our life. And so a reversed card isn‘t „enough“ to read – at least for me.
Life isn‘t just black and white.
There are so many shades of gray (and no – I don‘t mean the book or film ;).

In the complete tarot deck the whole life is depicted. From very important situations of oneself (Major Arcana) to the lesser or mundane life (Minor Arcana). And for me, sometimes it is necessary to see WHY the card is reversed. Round cards can fulfill this requirement. They show me that I have to overcome something to develop a more precise understanding of the situation. They allow me to heightened my awareness of the matter.


Upright: full potential. The card is in his natural position. Everything is as supposed to be.

Tilted to the right: you have to put effort to reach the goal. Energy input is necessary. To fast.

Reversed: Alternative. Inner knowledge. Opposition. Challenge. Blockage. The normal meaning of the card, but somehow the energy couldn't come through.
Tilted to the left: slow down the available energy. Stunt the vibration. To slow. 

You also can see the card like a compass.
The right is the direction of east. It‘s where the sun rises. It is a new beginning, a fresh start. Something to try or to accomplish.
The left position is the direction of west, where the sun goes down or comes to an end.

To see the direction the turn come from is so awesome in a reading.

You can actually see from where the block come from.

Is the card tilted to the left? Do the blocked energy come to an end?

You may be still refuse the increase of a new energy, but you allow the wheel to turn. May be it‘s still an inaccessible energy, but you getting aware internal.
But may be the card is nearly upright? May be you can realize that you actually know that the energy is available for you, but somehow slow it down a bit. Are you afraid of the good result?

To see the whole range of possibilities in a reading is for me the ultimate honor of life itself. You can see the human life itself in the cards.


Of course it requires a little practice. But a commitment to yourself can help to develop the necessary faith to overcome fear of reading round cards and discipline to practice tarot readings. Mostly the cards reveal what you internal already known. So allow your inner voice to fully express.

And as my beloved Vicky Noble said in one of her books: Remember, your intuition is a gold mine!


I hope that blog post helps you to read round cards.

Let me know what you think of it in the comments!

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    Lindenherz (Sonntag, 25 Juni 2017 19:01)

    I guess I will read that blog post several times to improve my round card reading skills. Thanks for that great content.

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    Ellen (Sonntag, 25 Juni 2017 20:04)

    Hi, Daniela. this is such a timely post for me. I've only just started working with the Motherpeace Tarot and since I've felt the need of reading reversals before, reading directions can be quite challenging. It was tempting to read only the upright position but I thought it would do away with the opportunities this round deck is offering us. I've just ordered the guidebook because the LWB has very little to offer.
    So thanks again for this addition to my study material of this beautiful and magical deck.

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    Freedom (Montag, 26 Juni 2017 19:27)

    Great post! I often feel the same about reversals. I will quit for a long time, reading only upright, until I get a new deck and then I may try reversals again. But I agree the whole story can be laid out without reversals. I saw the motherpeace tarot the other day and contemplated getting it, because I know you enjoy it so much! With the added information I am even more tempted now! Thank you for the post!! �