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Pinterest :: Artist unknown

This pretty question runs through my head a lot lately.

I am in a transition since the beginning of this year. And I thought i would exactly know who I am. But I didn't.

Reevaluate several areas of my life, I come to a pretty conclusion.

But first thing first:

Since the break up with my supposed hubby-to-be and father of my two kids, I had a very hard time. Emotional as well as identically.

What I had expected? That I can make choices without the other person? That I am able and allowed to change someone who doesn't agree with the life-decisions I made?

Don't get me wrong: most things in both of our life we talked about, and we've made the decisions together. But at the end of the day, he was afraid to take full responsibilities of his and our decisions.

And I thought, I could change his mind, because I am.... yah....you know?!


But who am I? 

In the past I decided to clink my life to another person. I was the person he or other people expected to be, to not lose the person I love. But I lost my own identity. I lost myself.
And so I re-asked the question and figured out the following:
  • I am a woman
  • I am a mother of two wonderful kids
  • I am a priestess, because I live my life by example 
  • I am a pharmacist 
  • I looooooooooove Tarot!!!!!!
  • I am INFJ, means: very sensitive and introvert
  • I found a new passion in astrology :)
  • I am Libra in Sun, Leo in Moon and my ascendant in Taurus
  • I am in the process of being a mompreneur 
  • I am willing to learn from the best
  • I will be a role model for other woman
  • I will strengthen other woman
  • I want to support as many woman as I can
  • But men too, because I love them 
  • I will live my life with joy, ease and love and I am ready to fully accept myself with all my imperfections and perfections
  • I know, life is short, so I don't waste my time any longer
  • My kids show the abundance I already own and that I cherishes truly to the bones of my being 
  • I don't accept any judgment or definition by other people or society
  • I will proof that actually you are able and allowed to have it all!
I wrote all these things down I an stream of speech or better, stream of writing ;)
I didn't correct them or add something afterwards, and so I guess, it fits me pretty perfectly right now. 
But what does the cards say?!
The reveal of The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans
The reveal of The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans
The hanged man representing serenity and healing. It's mostly comes with an inner twist. Remember that it's a natural state of being! The bate is hanging naturally upside down. The new perspective afforded by this experience of sudden insight yields immediate beatitude, a compassionate joy that radiates healing energy throughout my life. It's the new insight that helps me find my inner queen! She has a clear perception of reality and the courage to speak the truth. Very appropriate for the position I'm in right now: expanding my spirituality, open a blog and leaving my comfort zone. 
And the queen of swords is ruled by Libra. As you can read above I AM Libra *happy dance* I strive for mental balance and integration. I am being aware that an excess of mental activity can be difficult to discipline. And that's why the two of coins or pentacles comes into play. It's the card maintaining balance. I generate a new source of power within myself. It's the strength of integration of my material life with my spiritual life. What leads me to the beginning of the reading. 
This reading is very powerful for me and I know that it's the next stepping stone into a new life.

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    Lindenherz (Montag, 12 Juni 2017 23:07)

    You inspired me to do such a self-reflection myself. Who am I and also who do I want to become. Blessings my friend.