Tarot vs Oracle - what's better?

Chances are very high, that you are interested in one of both divination systems, or even in both.

May be you already saw a deck, or you get gifted one, or you bought a deck by your own, but still you don't know what or how to use it.

So let's dive right into it, shall we?


The tarot


A tarot deck follows a specific structure. It contains of of 78 cards.

At first we have the major arcanum (major = big + arcanum = secret => big secret ;) with 22 trumps. Then we have the minor arcana (minor = less) with 56 cards. The minors are divided into four suits: fire - water - air - earth. These elements relates too: wands - cups - swords - pentacles. Every card in the pack indicates a specific experience or lesson to learn.


The major arcana are the big lessons in life. Here you find archetypes, which you will meet throughout your life: mother, father, wise one. But also situations you will experience, whether you like them or not: birth, marriage, death (or better transformation), breakthrough...


The minor arcana are our daily mundane life:

  • the wands/fire indicates spirituality in general
  • the cups/water symbolizes emotions and feelings
  • the swords/air thoughts or the mind
  • and at least the pentacles/earth the physical side of our life.

In the minors we also have some court cards. Four per suit: Page, Knight, Queen and King. They symbolizes specific human energies and sometimes even specific people.


Every tarot card has a specific meaning. No matter what deck you use or from which time period you'll take it: the meaning or keyword of the card never changes. A tarot card differs in the illustrated art and representation, but general speaking, never in the meaning.


The oracle


In an oracle deck you haven't any structure at all.

I own an oracle deck, which counts 100+ cards. But most of you will know or see decks, which mostly contains of 44 cards. No deck is comparable with another. 

Everyone can use an oracle deck without any knowledge at all, because mostly you can find a little keyword or even a little phrase on the cards too. What makes them very beginner friendly :)


No system is easier to learn than the other, although the tarot is a life long learning journey. You can find so much about the tarot - it's truly unbelievable.

The oracle is the newer form from both systems. There are records of tarot cards used in 1460!!! That's why there is so much content!

Where as with the oracle you don't need that much time to actually use it. It's very intuitive ascertainable.



to be honest with you guys:

meanwhile you can find tarot decks that work like an oracle and vice versa. In some tarot decks some cards are missing, like one court card or even all....

What leads us to the question:


Which one is better?


YOU decide!

There isn't any right or wrong. Nobody can answer this question for you.

In my opinion, there aren't any rules. Every advice you find in the world wide web is just that: an advice. It's the opinion of a different person.


Do you find a deck you like? Go for it! Even, if the majority of people will tell you, that your chosen deck, isn't "beginner friendly". Some decks are easier to learn than others, that is right. But you feel the connection between you and the deck, not the other person.


The key...

to every reading aren't the cards - it is the reader.

S/he interprets the cards. S/he weave a story based on the question. The human in front of the cards, built a connection. Not the cards.

Every card reader is a storyteller. That is why two readers can tell a completely different story of the exact same cards. It's based on their stories and on their experiences.


Both systems are excellent for guidance. No matter if daily or not. They indicates the energy underneath the surface. They are very good mirrors of your subconsciousness (self-proven expierence, honey). 

To use the cards, makes you more sensitive for the surrounded energy. And it makes you susceptible what lies behind the veil.


So start your journey!

And if you can't decide: just use both.

Like I do it too ;)

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