Why I am a modern priestess - and you too!

Modern priestess


A term lot of new agers use in the last couple of years.

And I never thought, I would call myself one.


As you already know, I am a cardslinger and tarot reader. I own a lot of decks and I am a proud mama of each of them.

But one deck in particular cracks me open. Like an ripe oyster.

The Motherpeace Tarot by Vicky Noblet and Karen Vogel.


This deck was created in the late 1970's and all image one picture in essence: the woman in all her aspects of life.

As a woman you are a vessel for all the shamanic healing power of the cosmos and you are a channel for informations from above. As Vicky said, in one of her books, you, as a woman, have a cycle, which connects you to the cycle of life. You die every month during your bleeding time. And you arises every month. After that time. You wander with the moon cycle.


But today, we aren't aware of this sacred gift from Mother God and/or Mother Nature. We deny this sacred time by taking pills and try to suppress our monthly cycle. Although we, as an awaken spiritual consciousness, always seek our inner shakti. Our kundalini power, which should arise from the spine of our hips to the crone chakra. But tell me: how should this happen, when you don't allow your inner shakti to rise? To suppress a phenomena of nature and therefore of spirit doesn't seem so wise. You seek the answers in the outside. Yet everything you search is already inside of you.


All the books and texts allow me to remember who I really am:

Why I struggle with an english speaking blog? Because they are so many out there? Gosh - yes. They are. And yes, I will do some misspellings.

But I already reach so many people out there (hello Instagram) . And if I can change one person's point of view, everything is worth it.

Why I think, everybody else could do it better than I? Do they? Really??? I bet, some of my idols struggle with self-worth too. But they don't show it.

I gave birth to two kids. This process alone should show me, that I am a goddess! Out of nothing a baby evolve in my belly. And I dare to write an english blog? Or run an business by myself?


To remember that power is significant to turn our world around!

The process, to connect us to the cycle of life allows us to remember who we really are, namely a modern priestess and goddess.

Next time, when you bleed, be happy. Acknowledge that sacred gift of blood, which connects to realms of woman and feminine leaders and feel that ancestry connection to them. Allow yourself to create a little sacred space and to acknowledge yourself for that achievement of your body. Allow yourself to see your sacred and beautiful vessel. Take a sacred bath. Use body oils or creams. And ask you one question: why I dare to do that, when I am already in a process of transformation?


I do now. As you can see.

And I want to encourage you to do the same:

Remember this power. Step into it.

Even as a man!

Because everything in life is about balancing. About the equilibrium.

And you, as a man, don't need to bleed to channel your inner woMAN.

Now it's time for the change.

Allow it to happen.  

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