Welcome to mytarot3

This side is dedicated to all woman who are on a journey to their real Self.


It's dedicated to all woman who think, they should be "better", but never reach their goal.


In fact, these woman try so much to fulfill everybody else's expectations and try to respect everybody else's feelings, that they lost their own connections.


And now that you found your way to my side, let me ask you a question:

Are you tired to be there for everybody?

Do you feel drained or exhausted?

Being sick of being everybody's darling?

Afraid of making boundaries people respect?


I've been there too.

And hell, I was so afraid. But at one moment of time I needed to do that. Because I felt without setting this boundary, I loose myself.

And girl, I was (and still be ;) a mother and was in a relationship with a partner, who did not recognize and respect me.

I drove in the middle of the night with a baby in my arms (well, not literally ;) to my friend, because she had a breakup and a heart-break.

Friends called me, just to tell me their problems, because "I am a good listener and the only person who knows what to do next".


But what happened when I said "No"?

What happened when I ask for help?


Literally. No-thing.

Everybody was used to know, that I am the ever-charming, ever-helping, ever-energized woman, I showed publicly. But in fact, I was afraid of losing my friends and my family. I was afraid of losing my secureness.


To set boundaries is a fragile process. To be on a quest to your true essence can be hard. It's also a process to get in touch with your Self. I call this, to find the inner goddess.

In my case, the cards helped me to get out of an emotional abuse relationship, to respect my core beliefs and to take AND honor time for myself (without sacrifice me). They helped me to find my inner goddess and to be a strong, healthy and clear-visioned woman and mother.


When you are ready to set healthy boundaries without losing ground and find yourself, contact me.

You are perfect in every way.

You deserve to say no.

You deserve to be truly you.


You deserve to be the goddess in times like this.

You are ready to bloom!

Trust me.


Follow me on my journey.

Follow me on my unique quest to myself.

I dedicate this side to all woman - including myself :D


Much love from my heart to yours.




Daniela Abend is a professional tarot card reader and certified spiritual life coach.

She runs www.mytarot3.com and also a successful Instagram and You Tube account.

She dedicate her work to help woman to find their female core beings without losing the male assertiveness.


Daniela believes that a holistic modern life includes the sign of the tarot cards, astrology and the phases of the moon, as well as the newest copy of the Vogue and your iPhone ;)


Since 2014 she is a member of the Tarosophy Association and at the end of the year a certified Tarosophy Tarot Coach. 


When not learning for her own growth and living for her passion, she is a mother of a beautiful little girl and boy. She loves to dream and envision a balance life of being a woman and a goddess with a house full of family members and friends to serve good food and a glass of wine and talking for hours.

Short: to embrace and live life to it fullest.